Daily Archives: June 18, 2018

The Bucket

There are a handful of sayings and analogies that explain this same idea: the straw that broke the back, the drop of water that overflowed the bucket, etc. The meaning of all of them is the same. It isn’t always a big event, or a particularly meaningful one, that can generate a large (and negative) […]

Another Monday

I am around to hear from Tillie about my appointment tomorrow.  I’m having to rearrange it since a dental appointment has come up at the same time.  Not looking forward to that then.

My youngest is cat-sitting this week for our neighbors while they are on a trip.  She runs over and feeds the cat while they are gone.  She will play with it for a little bit them come back.  I thinks she likes cats.

I coughed again last night so I did not sleep well.  So frustrating to still be coughing after that reflux attack last week.  I;ve been sucking on cough drops and taking cough meds so I don’t know how else to control it.  I am so sleepy.

I need to go to the grocery store this morning.  Bob must be in a meeting since he  hasn’t called yet.  I will need to get ready and leave after I finish writing and see what I can accomplish.

My middle one comes hoe this coming weekend. I am looking forward to that.  Then in about two weeks she will go back to State and take courses for the last summer semester.

My mood is improving slowly as I wake up.  Hopefully it will be better when I make my recording this morning. Everyone have a great rest of the week and a good Monday to start it off.