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Daytime drowsiness

Taking it "easy"
(In which I feel terribly guilty about taking a nap during my lunch break)

I like this photo b/c that guy is in business attire and still has his shoes on.  He's looking straight up at the ceiling as if in dread that he should be working but he's found himself in bed.  So relaxing.

I don't know if it's just getting a caffeine tolerance, anxiety paradoxically making me sleepy to avoid work, laziness, or just a habit... but I'm consistently getting so extremely drowsy in the afternoon.

It can't be explained by eating lunch and post-lunch sleepiness one hears about.  I frequently don't even eat lunch.  I've tried adding an energy drink to my afternoon coffee and that hasn't made an impact.  Since I stopped drinking alcohol I started drinking energy drinks.  They feel like the one vice I might have left after weed and booze.

I might feel more panic at getting so sleepy in an office.  I don't know.  Maybe I would go walk around and try to wake up that way.  These days I'm drifting off either on the bed or on a chair during my "lunch break".  And sometimes that 30-60 lunch break stretches into a 90 minutes because I can't get my sleepy ass up.  Of course, that nap isn't restful at all and I'm sleepy most of the afternoon.  I get no energy from that nap whatsoever.  Just a fun dose of guilt.  Just a fun slump in productivity.

Anyway, this shows no sign of letting up.  I'm not sure what exactly to do.  I'm not really fighting it at this point.  One option would be to get off my ass and go outside for five minutes.  It is hot as shit and that does tend to wake me up.  But... I've got to want to wake up and I think that's the real problem.

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Good Morning!

I’m up early this morning and am feeling pretty good about it!  We plan to go swimming this morning so my youngest is looking forward to that.   I’m going to take a book and see if I can get some reading accomplished.  I need to order my books for my class this fall at some point and I need to redo my syllabus for class this fall.  So I have projects to do and feel good about doing them.

Listening to the new CD’s I bought Sunday–I got an Andrew Lloyd Weber collection of two discs and a Paul Schaffer CD.  So that has been fun. I am saving the others for Bob for Father’s Day, our anniversary, and his birthday.  I hope he enjoys them.

Tillie gave me a writing assignment for next week so I will need to work on that.  Talking about the obsessions, what kicks them off, and what I can now tell myself about them to make them not happen again.

So I will see what I can get accomplished before we leave to swim.  I think I’ll work on my syllabus. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.