Daily Archives: June 7, 2018

There is Beauty in the Fractures

I’m feeling fractured and heart-broken.  It’s just a feeling.  It will pass.  And using Tom Hiddleston as an archetype of broken-heartedness somehow helps.  And the red.  The red is right.

Another Solider Lost: Kate Spade

Goodbye Kate.

Your battle is over.

I’m sorry Mental Illness took you but don’t worry, millions of people will look at your story and decide suicide is not for them.

Suicide is not for you. It’s not for anyone.

Until next time…RIP


WTF Kind Of Monster Gives Thumbs Down To A Cat Who Has Survived Cancer????

I WAS going to do a relatively upbeat post with a few funny pictures, an effort to find the silver lining in what is otherwise a nasty hate filled world of injustice that shouldn’t have the right to devour small joys.

Then my sister texted me and said they posted their cat fundraiser on a couple of movie forums…and A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES CLICKED THE THUMBS DOWN BUTTON!


The cat survives a house fire that killed 9 of her feline friends, now she’s basically been gutted and maimed to remove all of the cancer, and all my sister is trying to do is raise $300 measly dollars to get Smitty to the vet next week for suture removal.

What kind of monster gives this a thumbs down?

People really can be shitty. What angers me even more is that as it’s turning out, my idget nephew and brother in law are being proven right that no one cares and attempting a fundraiser is pointless and stupid.

Come on, people! Clicking like and ‘share’ cost you NOTHING, NOT A DAMN DIME. You just share the story and let others check it out and make a choice whether to ignore it, share it, or donate.

This is for a very brave cat who has been through an enormous of amount of suffering. I mean, I am even putting my child and myself behind in importance. Schmitten deserves at least a like and a share, do it just to prove my idget relatives wrong. And also, a ‘fuck you’ to those internet trolls who so cruelly clicked the thumbs down ON A CAT FUNDRAISER and made my sister tear up. Just click the pictures, read it, like it, share it. Human decency may be rare these days but I refuse to believe it’s dead.Clicking “Share” costs.you.nothing.