Daily Archives: April 25, 2018

In the lab again at the U of L Medical School.

I’m back in the lab that is doing research on Bipolar disorder. Starting out with a literature search on Lithium, Glutamate, the NMDA receptor/s, etc.

Went for a walk during lunch and of course saw many photos waiting to be taken.

Don’t Miss Out On The Little Things In Life

Today is World Penguin Day. I love penguins. I love their little waddle walk, their permanent tuxedo attire, and just about everything else about them. I have seen them in zoos, warn them on my feet (fuzzy slipper socks with penguins embroidered on them), and watched all the penguin movies. But it was a story …

Pinch Me

Five days settled, which means I’ve ticked a few things off my Master List:

Furniture rearranged and boxes unloaded.  Check.

New bank account opened and changes reported to Social Security.  Check.

Internet connected and (HooHoo!) a Netflix subscription ordered.  Check.

Most important wall hangings up with the rest on hold.

I’m thinking more about fabric, fibers, flowing funk.  Must ponder this a bit.

Modest IKEA and summer clothing orders finalized.  Check.

Cats settling down and loving actual window sills that offer views of pregnant robins and mourning doves.

Today, I’m off to start applying for Medicaid, then browse a big antique mall for an idea that’s percolating.

I know its early days, but we all love it here.  We love the funky, older construction of the duplex, the friendly neighbors, the bend-over-backwards landlords, the wealth of shops and amenities, and the joy of family rediscovered.

So, pinch me.  I think I’ve come home.

(P.S.) My Etsy shop is open again (the link is in the sidebar at left).  Not that there’s anything new yet, but some folks wanted to know.  And there WILL be new stuff.  Soon.