Daily Archives: April 17, 2018

Getting Better!

IMG_1318As my friend Sal pointed out, in order to come out of a depression or a manic phase, you have to seek/get help. And in the case of mental illness, because of the stigma, this requires courage. Well we have this courage.

If you broke your arm, you wouldn’t think twice about going to a doctor to get it repaired. You wouldn’t agonize over what the world will think of you if you admit you have a broken arm. You wouldn’t worry if someone saw the name of your medication, what would they think of you! You would simply march into the doctor’s office and get the treatment you needed.

Well, I know it’s very difficult to know that you are indeed in a depression the first time it hits you, but hopefully with the help of friends, family members, or doctors, when you do realize it is a depression, you don’t worry about the stigma, and go straight to a psychiatrist and get the help you need.

Depression, bipolar d/o, mental illness, is an illness of the brain, so it is a physical illness. And illnesses need to be treated to get better. So if you realize you are in a depression, march yourself to a good psychiatrist and get treatment. You are strong enough and you can get better, you will get better!


Countdown to Muskogee . . .3

It starts with a blast, like a 7th-grade tuba player. The door slams open. In flood the Lists, the Forgottens, the Hangnail Details. Tumbling like Bingo balls in the brain’s wire cage, rattling, spinning too fast to grab.

The bed gets too hot. All the achey body parts fight to be heard. Cats, sensing weakness, put on their high heels and wait on tender shins.

So, up. Grab the phone and drown out the din with Sudoku. Never let sleeplessness add to the chaos. Just let it in. Let it wear itself out.

Soon enough, the fuzzy drift starts. The bed, cooled off now, waits; the pillow, reshaped, whispers—delicious after starvation.