Daily Archives: April 6, 2018

Facebook Talk

I’ve had a running conversation over Facebook with an old friend of mine over the past couple of days where we’ve been talking about mental health issues, and she seems to really be in a dark place right now with her family.  I pray that she finds some resolution to it soon because she sounds like she is on a collision course with heartbreak in the near future.

I have some of the best conversations over Facebook chat.  I’ve had several people struggling with their mental health reach out to me lately over Facebook and it is gratifying to be able to share my story with them about my struggles with the disease and what has helped me over the .years. I always point them to the blog too so they can read more in-depth what I’ve been through since when I was first diagnosed.

I am doing good this morning–I’ve stayed out of bed and have finished my schoolwork for the week finally.  So that is all good. I’m going to turn in my assignment for the writing exercise tonight so I will be completely done.

My oldest has her final exam for her cooking class tonight–they put on an event for their folks to come to.  A nine-course meal goes down tonight that they will all be graded on.  So tonight is a big night for her and I hate we have to miss it. But she will have her grandparents there to cheer her on so that will be good.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Dreams die in the Fog

The lies
They take hold
Implant in my mind
No persuasion otherwise
This just is
Fantasy of life
On the wings of delusion
What could be
Buried deep in illusion
Who are you
To believe
To pursue
Don’t forget
It is you
That rides the wave of confusion
Your mind overrides
Any sense
Any infusion
Of possibility
Your Dreams die in the fog
Of unrequited absolution
For you dear one
Rest in between the realm of
Duality and
The long road is ahead
Forever waiting