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The Positivity Kit

Eleven days ago I called the hospital where I had my two November inpatient stays to ask about admitting myself.  Ever since my psychiatrist failed to tell me that my latest suicide plan was non-fatal, I’ve been obsessed with dying.  I didn’t want to die.  I have so many things to live for.  I just […]

Behind Already

i am starting off the week behind–I haven’t done my reading for class yet and it’s already late on Monday.  And I don’t feel motivated still to do it.  I did do my writing exercise–again I made it close to creative nonfiction.  We had to tell a story backwards and I’m not sure I made the timeline work well enough.  I’m going to show it to my classmates and see what they think if we get another open thread to do so in.

I do know what’s going to be my final project–it will be my workshop pieces put together.  I have revised the second half a good bit and the entire thing is under 8,000 words, which she said was the upper, upper limit of what she would read.  But I will check with her and make sure that’s okay.

I just have a little while to hold out and make it to the end of the semester on May 5 I think.  Otherwise I might withdraw since I am going to be so behind if I don’t get with it.  I guess this is all just hangover from my depressive episode.  I don’t think I will take a summer class like I had thought I would.  I will wait and see how I feel and when I get discharged from Psycamore.

So tired.  Of everything. I just want to feel like myself again.


Reblog – The Things I Haven’t Said

Originally posted on #purpleproject:
I’m choosing to write this today because I feel like it’s time to be brutally honest with my followers, which include my friends, family, coworkers and many other bloggers I’ve had the privilege of meeting, collaborating with and becoming very close with. During tough times, especially in the past year, other…

Healing TREE

My friend Sarah gave us tickets to go to a function benefiting a nonprofit organization called Healing TREE and I happily went along. There, I saw and heard a very compelling and beautiful young woman, Marissa Ghavami, talking about interpersonal trauma. She, along with her cofounders (see below), had started Healing TREE in order to address this veritable epidemic of trauma. This website offers knowledge and help, support and hope to people who have endured trauma. As a survivor of pretty awful child abuse myself, all this information really hit home with me. And I asked Marissa how I could be of help, and of course this blog came to mind. So here is information about the Healing TREE website, their mission, their resources and their aim to help those who have suffered trauma or are in an ongoing traumatic relationship or situation. I am in fact going to contact one of the professionals listed (from the map on the website) in my area who does EMDR and give that a try.

There is so much information and help here! Please take a look, dear readers, this is a valuable resource in taking steps to learn about and heal the trauma that relationships, or actually in any other situation in life, can inflict upon us. Healing is possible, it can be done and YOU can do it!



Healing TREE is a nonprofit organization and a huge resource for people who have suffered trauma. It was founded by Marissa Ghavami, who is currently the CEO of the organization, and her cofounders Debbie Ghavami and Bruce Hardy PhD. She is an actor as well as an advocate for healing from trauma. Healing TREE’s mission is to transform how society responds to abuse and interpersonal trauma. Healing TREE is an organization that wants to shift the focus from “putting a band aid” on traumatic experiences to healing from them. They promote trauma focused treatment modalities that engage the part of the brain that is involved in surviving trauma (the amygdala, or over activated fight or flight response) thereby healing people on a neurological and emotional/mental level. They address all forms of abuse and interpersonal trauma.

If a person with these issues comes upon this website, it would give them not only resources to get better but so much hope that it is possible to get better from trauma and abuse! There are modalities and therapies that are available to help people suffering from trauma, and the Healing TREE website will match people who are suffering from trauma with helping professionals in their area.

As Ms. Ghavami states: “Leading studies (such as the ACE Study*) show that trauma is nothing less than a public health crisis and that it is the root cause behind so many of the toughest problems our society is faced with, like mental illness, physical illness, addiction, crime, assault, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide. Effective treatments are available, there is just a lack of integration between the trauma, mental health and medical fields and of general knowledge surrounding the issue. Healing Tree exists to change that so that healing from trauma becomes the new normal. With the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, our work has never been more relevant. We want to take the current surge of public awareness around issues of abuse a step further though through the resources, education and empowerment at the heart of our mission. We connect those who have suffered trauma with resources for healing rather than coping, provide education to professionals across fields and the public at large that promotes awareness, effective intervention and cutting edge treatment and offer empowerment through producing arts projects that encourage a healing movement.” 

Below is a powerful new video, a Public Service Announcement on “Trauma Bonding.” It is gut wrenching and gives us the startling and heart breaking revelation that women leave an abusive relationship seven times before being free of it! It also points to resources for people who are stuck in abusive relationships.

Ms. Ghavami states: “The PSA, entitled Bound, was created by Samantha Scaffidi and produced by Voyager Studios LLC in association with SLMBR PRTY. It addresses the question of why people who are, or have been, victims of various forms of abuse often feel a powerful attachment to the people who have abused them. Furthermore, it points towards resources that emphasize trauma’s impact on the brain and promote effective treatment (apart from the typical cognitive approach that doesn’t engage the survival part of the brain that is injured during abuse), which leads to breaking the cycle and finding healing. It is so important that people who are being, or have been, abused see stories that they can relate to and feel empowered to get the help they deserve to heal, free from shame.”


The beautiful bracelet below is a palpable reminder that help is available and people who are in traumatic situations or have been in the past, can BREAK FREE! It can be purchased here to keep the thought and the strength behind it with yourself!


Ms. Ghavami says: “The PSA Bound inspired a “Break Free” bracelet, designed by Ladies of Iron. It is a perfect gift of encouragement or celebration for someone who is considering breaking free from trauma bonding or celebrating a life free from abuse. 50% of the proceeds from these bracelets will be donated directly to Healing TREE to help support their mission. They can be bought here: here: http://www.ladiesofiron.com/product-page/never-give-up-bracelet

Below is a video from the Healing TREE website : It is extremely informational and helpful.

*Further reading about the ACE study:  https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/acestudy/about_ace.html