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Guest Post: How Pets help PTSD Victims and/or the Mentally Ill by Selim

delpetsPets could play the most important role in your mental health recovery. Researchers of the United Kingdom and all over the world say that pets can be the only active element to their owners in their hard times or depressive situations. In some records, the information found that many of pats were seen as the most central social support and valuable part of their owner’s life.

Human sometimes unable to find the peaceful and secure relationship through human ties. This is happening because of the transforming behavior of human nature. The human can feel their needs and can explain their feelings, they can easily move to others for finding happiness and their welfare. But pets are remains devoted to their owner. They love them and can also chair them up on their offensive situations.

Some studies also say that pet lovers feel less lonely than others and they also remain cheerful for their pets. Pets can help human from being lonely and depressed. Records say that pets are found to be very much effective for the PTSD patients. Also, they are seen to play an effective role to recover the mental health of their owner’s.

Here we are talking about the how pet help PTSD victims and the mentally ill victims. This content will also help you to remind the importance of pets in our life and the society.

  • What is PTSD?    

PTSD stands for the Post-traumatic stress disorder. It is popular as a serious mental condition of human mind. This condition of human mind generally developed by some people after the terrifying, shocking or dangerous event. This shocking or offensive events are known as trauma. When human brain faces trauma attack, it becomes very much difficult to struggle with anxiety, fear, and sadness. You may face difficulties to sleep as the upsetting memories recall. Human mind naturally gets over from the offensive memories in a certain time and feel better after that. But. If anyone has PTSD, his or her brain won’t let him fade away the trauma or the depressive moment. They can last for years and often more than couples of years. It is also possible to get worse for the serious patients because they would not able to forget the pain in their whole lifetime. The effects of PTSD in your daily life can be dangerous. It can naturally harm your work life and also your relationships. It can easily make a troll not only for your mental health but also your physical health.


  • Effects of PTSD

Post-trauma stress disorder can easily stick your brain in a dangerous mood. Even if you are no more in danger of not even facing any of offensive situation, it would hold your mind on the fear and give a high alert. Your body won’t be your controls and continues to give you stress signals. The PTSD syndromes shoot the part of your brain which handles emotions and fear. And this part of the human brain which calls the amygdala is the most active part of the PTSD victims. Over time PTSD can make a dangerous change to your brain. The area of your brain which usually saves memories becomes smaller. And your memory would only force you to save the offensive memories only.


  • How can pets help PTSD victims?

Though there are lots of ways to treat the PTSD victims to recover their mental health, the study says that the pets can be the most effective element for their mental health recovery. Pets can be the significant value for treating those patients who are fighting against serious mental illness. They can easily consider a mainstay more than other marginal sources to treat the patients. Pets can help to build a close and quite stable relationship which are very difficult to found nowadays. Especially for those people who have very limited human contracts and mostly stay at home lonely. Pets are even found to rescue their owners from suicidal attempts which they had taken for their sick mental condition. Pets who have spent a quality time with their owner can read their minds and can observe what will their owner attempting to do next. So they can even rescue them from making wrong decisions.


  • What are the emotional benefits of having a pet?

Pets can bring many of emotional benefits to you. Examples:

  • Help to feel the emotions of love.
  • Pets are best companions.
  • You can even train them to follow your orders. People who take dogs as a pet can enjoy this opportunity the most. They can feel like service member who used to give orders.
  • They can easily reduce stress and make you have fun.
  • Pets can give you reasons to get out of the house for a walk and enjoy the nature. You can enjoy the outdoors and spend some time in nature and can also meet new people.
  • Pets can make you busy sometimes.  Your time will easily pass by taking proper care of them. So that, you won’t feel lonely anymore.


You will definitely feel a mental peace by serving them and taking proper care of your pets. This feeling can even give you a new motive to lead the life in a new way.

You can make many joyful memories with your pet and they might help your brain to fed away from the depressive and sad memories and allow you to forget them easily.


Conclusion: Pets are always bringing happiness to our life. They are innocent, sweet and friendly. Even they are sometimes very much responsible and devoted to their owners. They can support us without having any benefits and can easily make a strong and secure relationship with us. They are not only effective for the mental health of the victims who are facing serious mental illness but also the people who are leading a normal mental condition. They are the way to gather peacefully. We should have them and take care of them.

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Penny Positive #83

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Hard to Remember

This is the blog from last Monday, and Tuesday. I am hoping today the social media links actually work. Enjoy:   My son is now roughly the same age that my daughter was when I was hospitalized the last time and underwent ECT. The most terrible part of my experience  with that procedure actually happened […]


So I went back to Psycamore today and that went well.  Saw my individual counselor and look forward to working with him on some of these issues that have come up.  It makes for a full day but not a hard day. I need to do my work for school but havent’ been able to see my way to doing it yet.  I am just so tired right now.

Waiting on my youngest to come home and see what her day was like.  Then we’ll go to church and see how that goes and see everybody.  I am looking forward to that.

I think I will just leave everything at that.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.


Word Salad

Just curious…does anyone else have trouble interpreting things they hear due to some brain short circuit type ‘word salad’ snafu?

It happens to me a little too often for my comfort.

The docs have no problem admitting meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, but tell them years of taking the assortment of pills have turned your brain into a misfiring skull contained mess of cole slaw…

You may as well have sprouted foil covered horns on a second head. That’s how much credence they give my complaints,anyway.

I know I didn’t used to be this scrambled and it has nothing to do with age or lack of intelligence.

I will never be convinced that 20 plus years of the pharmacopia cocktails haven’t given me Jello salad brain.

It’s just a theory I have but fairly credible- doctors are reluctant to confirm any negative psych med side effect that hasn’t be substantiated by ten thousand patients and an FDA warning because…

Honestly,how many people would knowingly take these meds if told it could make you stupid and feeble ten,twenty years down the line?

I don’t think I would have even given the meds a second try had I known my impending status as a not so proud owner of a salad shooting brain.

I wasn’t afforded that luxury so now I have to listen to things 4,5,6 times,replay it in my head,say it aloud…and there are times it never does actually hit home and register as gobbledygook. I feel dumb as bellybutton lint on a daily basis due to salad brain.

Also a major self confidence crusher is the constant blank outs and tip-of-my-tongue words that vanish or never even appear.

Is this a big enough issue to swear off meds? If I knew the salad could be reassembled back to lettuce,tomatoes,radishes,dressing,and croutons,maybe.

Damage is done though and I know on the green moon when meds work well it’s worthwhile…so I’ll take the salad brain even though I’d rather eat squirrel than rabbit food…

Still..,your intelligence having to be sacrificed for sanity…

Is there anything mental health issues doesn’t take from us?

Penny Positive #82

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Second Impressions Matter More and Farewell,Gabapentin

After an enormous deal of ‘waiting,start,stop’ anxiety this morning due to my impending shrink appointment…

As it turns out,Dr. H is actually pretty nice and understanding. I guess our first appointment was a fluke or her too overwhelmed with staffing issues (I could entertain the notion it was all in my head,but nope…) Anyway,for all of society’s forcefeedings that first impressions are everything…

Turns out,second impressions can entirely change initial ones. Not saying she’s an awesome Dr. B but she’s not the boogeyman she seemed that first appointment.

She saw how off balance and confused I am and said STOP the gabapentin. She even seemed sorry for prescribing it since I had such a bizarre negative reaction. I don’t blame her,none of us know what will work or harm til we try it. Just glad I am gonna get out of the gauzy stoner haze,that has sucked. Driving is stressful enough without a med making me loopy.

I was honest about not knowing if the Effexor is working due to the yo gabba gabba side effects. Instead of the apathy of nurse doc or others who have made me feel like a malingerer when meds aren’t making me do cartwheels under rainbows…

She said give it a week to get gaba out of my system and let the Effexor kick in,see how I feel,then call her nurse and let them know so we can increase dose or change meds.

I can live with that.

Harder to live with is how moody,contradictory, and ‘homesick’ my daughter is. She misses town and our old trailer and she blames me for moving here (as if I had a choice,they kind of take your kids away if you have home for them). She’s ok,she’s down,she’s up,she’s bored,she’s agitated. And while the move probably heightened all these emotions for her,she’s been cycling through them for years. I want to think it’s stress related,early onset puberty moodiness…

My gut says bipolar. I know she’s only 8 and can’t really he diagnosed,nor do I want her labeled prematurely…But her erratic behavior reminds me so much of my own pre diagnosis and mood stabilizer days…you can’t help but draw parallels and wonder.

It bothers me that my usually free spirited happy kid now seems insecure,sad,and unsure of anything. And going to F’s after A pluses simply because the old school was so focused on core math,Spook doesn’t know her times tables. I wanted to teach them to hee but we were discouraged because it would confuse the kidz and interfere with the core math teaching.

Now because I listened to that place,my daughter may not progress to fourth grade if she doesn’t memorize all the tables by year’s end. New teacher holds back students who haven’t learned them. Wtf? Cut us some slack,ffs,not our fault the curriculum was different in town.

Anyway. That was my appointment. I see her again in 5 weeks but I am free to call anytime if I have problems.

Second impressions matter. I wish some people had given me that benefit of the doubt instead of assuming my bipolar mood swings are my identity.

I need to remind myself to keep an open kind. Just not so open that the scent of my brain draws a crowd of zombies.


So I went to my outpatient program yesterday.  It did not start well with the orientation starting over half an hour late.  but we got into groups after that and it got better.  The “angry guy” (there’s always an angry guy) sucked most of the oxygen out of the room for one session, but the other two were more constructive.  So we will see how this goes today.

I am having a hard time getting started.  I have to go to the school and take care of something before I go to classes so I am trying to hurry through everything I have to do before I leave. So I think I will just end this here and talk more  tomorrow.

Speed Picking

Some things in life are not only counter-intuitive, but difficult to do even when you know it is how it is supposed to be done. There is a particular technique for playing guitar, called speed picking, where you, well, pick with high speed. And every single player who attempts to pick with great speed but […]

I Wish Someone Would Write ‘How To Talk To Doctors For Dummies’

I got my usual reminder call for my psych appt tomorrow and it triggered an hours long bout with anxiety,borderline panic,paranoia,and self doubt.

Which really irks me because I’ve done nothing wrong,I am taking the prescribed meds,I had my lab work done.

So why the heightened anxiety to see the doctor?

I guess part of it is my own social awkwardness and general terror of doctors.

A larger part,though,is 25 years of bad experiences with some pretty iffy if not downright incompetent doctors.

My first appointment with new Doc H was supposed to be a thirty minute first visit intake. I was kept waiting over a half hour and the entire thing felt rushed,almost adversarial,since she got a little irate when I mentioned missing my old shrink. I don’t think an anxiety riddled patient should have been subjected to her new doc’s agitation with staffing issues,at all. Kinda makes me wish I could record my appointments cos with mental health issues,no one ever believes a patient over a shrink. But I honestly feel her temperament really triggered my anxiety and paranoia.

It shouldn’t be an issue…except her tone first appointment in was a resigned,’I’m willing to work with you but you’ve tried this,this,that…’ Kind of hints that she’s fed up before even getting started. Then there was the whole not returning my calls when the gabapentin high dose kicked my ass so bad.

I just don’t feel hopeful about this doctor and she only has her own bedside manner to blame.

I will act on the ‘even doctors have bad days especially when staffing problems overwhelm them’ assumption. She’s only human.

Then again,so am I and her manner was soo the wrong approach with me. Guess that’s me being self centered and expecting to be dealt with in a respectful to my disorders way.

So…if you only intend to tell the truth- gabapentin makes me too loopy to not be depressed so I can’t say if Effexor is helping depressive symptoms- why do I feel like I am somehow failing this harried doc who obviously does not have time for a med resistant med sensitive basketcase like me?

Really. Someone needs to write that for dummies book on how to deal with doctors. Because I am clueless when even the truth seems like the wrong thing to say.

What a sad statement about local psych care that I don’t even feel entitled to tell the truth because by not instantly responding to new meds and improving…I am letting down the doctor and complicating their life.