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The Subtle Arrogance of Good Health

A beautiful, deeply honest essay about the blissful ignorance of good health. It echoes my thoughts lately. I’ve been enveloped in pain from a fall that could have been disastrous, but as it is, I’ve come out of it with only some damaged joints. I think about the “old days” when I only noticed my body when I danced or ran or lifted weights or rode my bike. Even when the degenerative disc disease enveloped me in a cloud of pain, I rejoiced in my body when I swam, weightless.

Now it’s a dance, too: the dance of finding ways of doing activities of daily living, working around the injured and degenerated joints, working around the jolts of pain; the dance that I dance in bed all night, trying to find a position of comfort so I can sleep for a few minutes before the pain nags or jolts me awake again. I get more tired trying to sleep than I do awake.

It can get discouraging to know that this is what’s on my plate, for the rest of my life.

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The Subtle Arrogance of Good Health

Until my physical ailments began worsening rapidly in my late 40’s, I was a high achiever, proud of my “kick ass” attitude, thinking I was so competent I could surmount any challenge life threw at me. Life appeared to be straightforward and I didn’t understand why this didn’t seem to be the case for so many other less fortunate folks.

Though I worked hard for my accomplishments and sometimes struggled, there was never a question of ability, never a doubt I’d prevail if I made enough effort. Looking back now, I can see the consistent achievements that came so easily and so early in life instilled in me a subtle subconscious arrogance.

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