Daily Archives: June 16, 2016


ALl the ugly green paint is gone!  I have a lovely new yellow kitchen a lilac laundry room and half-bath.  SO I am happier than ever with my house.  I think it’s really going to do some nice things for my attitude seeing pretty colors everywhere.

So tomorrow I pick my oldest up in Columbus flying back in from Scotland.  She’s going to crash at a hotel as soon as she gets in and I’ll wake hr up sometime the next morning and we’ll come home.  I will be happy to see her.  I just hope she’s enjoyed it as much as it seems.

Trying to make sense of my 20th Century Drama class.  The schedule is all goofed up and I’m wondering how he’s ever going to get it back on track.  As long as his goofiness doesn’t affect my grade we are good to go.

I need to slow down a little next week before   my girls go dancing at Disney World.   I’m tired.   But I have my clothes organized already and will have it all done before we go next Saturday.  I’ll be taking a hiatus from the blog and concentrate on trying to have fun.Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

So Pissed Today

I’m in such a bad mood and I’m angry. I have no idea why, well other than my dealer sucks right now..

Supposed to be family night but mom in law is watching the niece and sis in law hasn’t shown or answered my text. Nothing is going right today.

I could punch someone.. Actually I am going to go and punch the shit out of my punching bag. later…