Time in the Mountains


We are lucky enough to have some good friends who have a condo up in the mountains. They were kind enough to let us use it to escape some of the summer heat. I kept a diary of our time.

Day #1-Saturday

Woke up at five. Just couldn’t sleep. Watched my husband sleep for a while and then got up. This is my least favorite part of the day. It is very quiet and I feel lonely. Kept the dogs company and fell back asleep. Got up about ten and started packing. Had to take my diet food with me and probably overpacked on the clothes. We left at noon. It was a 3 1/2 hour drive and we stopped at Wendy’s for lunch. (woohoo!) Drove on with husband playing satellite sports radio. Used headphones for music and an audiobook. Kept me sane.

We had stayed here before so we found it easily. There are two elderly neighbors downstairs, Dave and Judy. They like to have happy hour on their patio every night at five. They’re pretty nice. (I am pirating off their internet as we speak.) Skipped happy hour tonight…too tired. Husband went off to get some groceries. Am going to watch a little TV and relax.

Day #2-Sunday

Woke up again at five. Very lonely and started feeling depressed. My husband has been playing with the iPad until way into the night so he sleeps in. I took a Klonopin, made coffee, ate something, listened to my audiobook, and generally tried to entertain myself. At nine, I got my husband up. I was just getting depressed with the quiet.

He took a shower (I did not) and we got in the car to head into town. We looked at the stuff we liked to do that was available in a little mountain town. We stopped at an arts and crafts festival and then to buy some new hiking shoes for me. I hope I use them. We then stopped for lunch and I did not stay on my diet. Big surprise there!

Went to happy hour with the friends downstairs. They can sure talk! My husband says they are just lonely.

Day #3-Monday

Slept in after a restless night. Spent a lot of time last night listening to a good audiobook. We got up and went and found a local lake. It had a paved path all of the way around it. It was one mile around. I did it all without stopping. I was proud of that. I wore my new hiking shoes and they were very comfortable.

I came home and took a shower (yay!) and rested. My husband went to the store to look around. He really gets restless up here. Thank god for the internet.

He brought me a piece of carrot cake as an early birthday present.

Plans for tonight: go to neighbor’s happy hour, rent a Redbox movie, listen more to audiobook. Low key, but it is nice up here.

Oh, and helped Danny review for biology.

Day #4-Tuesday

Today was my birthday and I put up a post on the blog. Had many well wishers. Also heard by text from many friends. Definitely felt like I got plenty of attention!

My birthday was a tough day so I rested a lot. Listened to an audiobook and napped. It was awfully hot in the afternoon, so glad I was asleep.

We have friends coming up tomorrow so did a little meal planning. The wife in this couple announced that she is now eating gluten and dairy free. She is seriously on her own. No offense to different diets, but that is a hard one to cook for when you have others to feed.

Tonight plan on “happy hour” with that neighbor and helping Danny with the biology notes. Also will watch “America’s Got Talent”. I am a sucker for a few of these shows.

Day #5-Wednesday

Waiting for this other couple to arrive. Rested a LOT today. Took something like 4 Klonopin. Just could not get rid of that creepy crawly feeling under my skin. Listened to music and my audiobook.

Guests arrived and it wasn’t too bad. We all went to happy hour with that senior couple and then ate homemade chicken pot pie soup and salad. I made the soup myself in the slow cooker so I was proud we had dinner ready on time. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, even the picky eating wife.

Helped Danny with biology notes. He wants to go over them again in the morning which is fine.

Don’t know what we will do tonight…maybe a movie in or a board game. I hate movies and board games. I cannot wait.

Day #6- Thursday

Today was a good day. Got up and went for that mile walk around the lake. Was excited as I have now exercised four times this month. A miracle! Then I got a shower (another miracle!)

We then drove about 40 miles to a very tiny town for a festival celebrating flowers. It was pretty small when we got there, but we enjoyed it anyway. They had flower cookies, brownies, chicken, and dip. The dip was pretty good and the chicken wasn’t bad. I’ll stick with regular brownies.

I missed happy hour as I took a nap. Then we went out for Mexican food and watched another movie.

Went over Danny’s notes with him in the morning. He texted later to say the test was easy. One more week of biology!

My back started killing me and I have no idea why. It seems really stiff.

Day #7-Friday

Everyone got up a little later and had breakfast about 8. We sat and talked for a while and then decided to go to a little town about 30 miles away for a hamburger restaurant with a really good reputation. We headed there, ate, and then walked all over at antique stores. Stayed there way too long in my opinion, as I was exhausted.

Came back, took a Klonopin and fell asleep.

They all went to the neighbor’s happy hour and then off to a movie. I told my husband I needed a break. So I stayed home and listened to an audiobook.

This Abilify is still getting to me. I am irritable on it. My husband was telling his usually stories I have heard 100 times and I was gritting my teeth. I felt like I could never get a word in. It felt like no one cared about my opinion on anything. I sulked for a while but got over it. I try to remember how patient my husband was with me when I was sick. But I am still sick of him hogging the conversation.

Tomorrow we get up, pack up, and head home. I’m ready. I miss my kids and pets.

talk to you soon,


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