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Cooking Helps!

This might seem to be a strange post for a blog entitled Bipolar1Blog, but really it is not. Cooking is a great way to stay in the now, thereby avoiding the drama which leads to high emotions. Staying calm is one of my primary goals in managing my bipolar 1 disorder. Not only do emotions run rampantly out of control when I am manicky or depressed, I think maybe not managing my emotions properly also leads to mood episodes. So anything that keeps me calm and out of the drama in my head or the astronomical amounts of anxiety I sometimes experience, is GOOD! I think that is also why Art therapy works when people are not feeling well. Their mind is occupied with the task at hand and isn’t flying around in clouds of drama, anger, depression, mania or in the past or future. It really is well tethered to the present and at peace. As such, cooking helps me stay in the Now! My mind is silent, I am concentrating on the task at hand in the now, the egoic mind is not trying to brew up some high drama or dragging me along to voyages in the past or future. When I am cooking, there is no next moment or past moment. I am chopping in the Now, sautéing in the now, boiling in the now. And then I have a wonderful meal that I eat in the Now :-)

(I am reading the rest of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. When I am done with it and done with deciphering it, I will post about it. It is an absolutely revolutionary, incredibly instructive book on how to live a life in the Now!)

We had breakfast for dinner tonight.

IMG_5087    IMG_5092

An omelet with organic eggs,


hot green peppers, and oodles of fresh, chopped cilantro,IMG_5089

tomatoes, onions, (sorry forgot to take an onion picture…)


all cooked in olive oil.


I also made some potatoes with cumin seeds, onions, and dried red hot chili peppers.


And served it with a Blue Dog baguette,

IMG_5083  IMG_5090

and some Sauvignon Blanc.


A lovely, simple dinner. Here’s to the Now! Cheers.


The Next Level

Although my limited Internet access makes it hard to write every day like I’m accustomed to doing, it hasn’t escaped my notice that this blog has really taken off in the past couple of weeks. I used to be happy when it received more than 50 views per day, but lately it’s been reaching the 200s and 300s, and yesterday it got an astounding 826 views!! Thank you readers! You have really taken bpnurse to the next level and I appreciate it more than you know.

Will and I have settled in to our new surroundings with a minimum of difficulty. It’ll be awhile before i get used to being so cramped, and I seem to be sitting somewhere between hypomania and depression. I could go either way, or no way; inside I am restless and jumpy, and my feet have developed a mind of their own with frequent tapping. On the outside, though, I am unmotivated and rather glum. The mind says “Go” while the body says “No”; thoughts race, but I have little to say.

But then, it’s the dead of winter AND I just went through a major transition, so there’s no need to sound any alarm bells. It’s just how it is these days.

It doesn’t help that I can’t get my main computer to recognize the wireless device in use here at the new house. What I have had to do is compose my blog posts in Word and then type them into my phone. It’s aggravating, not just because I have to do it twice, but because I have fat fingers and I make a lot of typos.

Still, it’s worth it because I know I’m reaching people all over the world. There are a LOT of people affected by mental illness, and if reading about my life with bipolar 1 helps even one person, then I’ll keep doing this the hard way…..at least until I can figure out what’s wrong with the damned computer.

Thanks again and God bless you all.