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Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day was always terribly traumatic for me.  The best memory I have is of a boy named John giving me a valentine in sixth grade.  I smiled the rest of the day.  (This was before the days of teachers sending notes home with lists of classmates and a request that all the children receive valentines.)  John rode the school bus with me and would sometimes be nice to me and sometimes not—when I was in late elementary school, I lived for those times when he was.

Another fun Valentine’s was the year I took matters in my own hands—I decided to leave anonymous valentines in lockers around school for all the guys I hung around with.  I had a typewriter at home my parents had bought for me to use for school papers.  I took half sheets of plain white typing paper, folded them over, typed their names on the front, and composed a little ditty for each guy that I typed inside the card.    I think I did about twelve total and left them in lockers, on desks, and on music stands in the band hall.  As far as I know, no one ever guessed it was me.  But it certainly got attention around the whole school with all the guys trying to figure out who sent them.  I was so proud of myself.

fun and games?

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Nick Barclay Designs’ minimalist poster series – symptoms of depression is available to download as A3 prints. source: mymodernmet.com (and my friend F)


The Weight anti anxiety pillow – “Its use imitates an intimate gesture, reminiscent of a hug from behind”.


Susan realised that the last time she got laid was 2007.

A map of depression around the world.


Grip op je dip (Dutch) – tips, networking, access to professionals.

Depression Quest interactive (non) fiction about dealing with depression. Pay what you want (or don’t pay at all). Controversy and review.


Actual Sunlight A Short Interactive Story About Love, Depression and the Corporation


How video games helped me overcome severe anxiety (World of Tanks)
Of course, it’s very easy to find opinions stating the direct opposite, but hey, we’re looking on the bright side.
Video games: medicating an anxious mind


Top ten terrific things about bipolar disorder. Yay.



My pictures published in Broken Light Collective! Wow!!!

Originally posted on Broken Light: A Photography Collective:

Please welcome first-time contributor Samina, a Molecular Biologist who has an MSEd in School Counseling. She is also a wife and a mother. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 1 in 1985. Since then, she has fought and survived this disease with the help of medication, good psychiatrists, exercise, music, and love for and from her family and friends.

About this photo: “This series of photographs is called ‘PEACE.’ It was taken at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, where these flowers and general atmosphere promote peace and a sense of wellbeing. It is so very peaceful to be there, floral beauty all around you, and the fragrances of the flowers and even a waterfall. The air itself smells like PEACE! It meant so much for me to visit there and get my bearings when I wasn’t feeling well.

Find more from Samina at her

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Why the Changes?

You may have noticed that I’ve revised the design of this site. I changed my theme (site design template), fiddled with my widgets (that sounds dirty, but just refers to the handy doodads at the side and bottom of each page),…

Yesterday’s Blue Sky

Yesterday, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., the skies were blue and the temperature warm as my husband and I walked the neighborhood. Today the skies are gray, the air cool.Filed under: Nature, Photos Tagged: Jr., Martin Luther King