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3 Mantras to Help Us Regain Our Self Confidence.

From: Power of Positivity at http://www.powerofpositivity.com/3-mantras-help-regain-self-confidence/

3 Mantras to Help You Regain Self-Confidence:

1) “My time is too valuable to waste it worrying about the things I have no control over.”
This mantra came about because, obviously, because I was having obsessive thoughts about things I had no control over. Worrying about these things wasn’t going to change the outcome. All it was doing was robbing me of my sanity and peace of mind in the moment. As soon as I decided that my time was valuable and needed to be respected and used in a more productive way, my thoughts changed and this mantra came into my mind.
Every time I started stressing out, worrying and thinking about scenarios that I had no control over, I would repeat this mantra and almost instantly my peace of mind would start to creep back in and I was able to once again enjoy being alive.

2) “The outer is always a reflection of the inner.”
This is a great Buddhist philosophy and the more I welcome it into my life, the more apparent its truth becomes to me. Whatever is going on around you, whatever you are feeling, whichever situations are angering you or pleasing you, is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. It is not a reflection of the innate state or meaning of that situation. It is a reflection of you. If you are feeling neglected by a friend or a lover, you are probably neglecting yourself. If you are feeling loved by life and the things in your life, you are probably being loving yourself.
Nothing has a particular meaning to you until you decide it does. You could be lacking money and choose to feel sorry for yourself or choose to be grateful for the fact that you are alive and have abundance in other forms. It is not situations that dictate how you feel. It is YOU who dictates how you feel. Every time a situation in my life starts to feel crappy to me, every time I start arguing with someone or feeling rejected by something, I try to remember this and instead of reacting to the situation, I try to explore what it is inside of me that is causing the bad feelings.
After I have done this, I can usually come to a place where I can respond in a way that is productive instead of creating more conflict in my life. It is an incredibly beautiful and empowering thing.

3) “I take nothing personally.”
I would bet that you, like most of us, take a lot of what other people do to you personally. I found that a lot of my peace of mind and confidence was being robbed by the fact that I thought other people’s feelings towards me were a reflection of my own inadequacies. But then something occurred to me: No one on this earth can see further than their own mind. Everything anyone else is doing or feeling in relation to you, whether that means someone is offended by you, rude to you or loving to you, is a reflection of how they are feeling on the inside, but they are not saying something about you.
No matter how perfect you are or how great of a person you are choosing to be, someone is always going to have something crappy to say about you. Now does that mean that you should fully disregard the opinions of every other person on this planet? No. But it does mean that you can understand that most things in life are just that- opinions. They are not right or wrong. They are just a reflection of where someone is at in their life and that doesn’t have to define you in any way. You define you. No one else.

you liebster me, you really liebster me

I’m not into the awards thing, but I can’t resist questions. Just for a moment, I’m on a red carpet, being interviewed with camera flashes flash and screaming fans scream … uh, maybe I should go take my meds now. Thanks to my blogfriend over at After Midnight for the nomination. (Click that link for a much better version of the liebster award.)


1.If you could be something today,something to make you proud,what would you be?
A French lawyer with sharp cheekbones and a penetrating stare.
2.why did you start blogging?
It was 2001 or 2 or something and I wanted to inflict my truly shitty poems on to the world anonymously. I was emo before emo was emo, maaaaan. I was born emo(tionally stunted).
3.what would make you happy?
I want to say a time travel device, but then we get into a whole bunch of philosophical quandaries. Within the realms of what we so whimsically call reality, nothing right now. Apparently I’m committed to an evil form of snarky depression.
4.what is one thing you can’t live without at the moment?
Air? Okay, my younger dog.
5.the book or the movie?
Book. Without hesitation, always the book. That makes me seem intellectual, right?
6.do you have pets? if no, pick one you would like to have.
Two dogs. I would like a dragon and a wombat.
7.share your favorite blog and describe in 3 words why?
I’d hate to even try and choose a WordPress one, so: Bipolar Burble it is. Intelligent, compassionate, interesting.
8.describe yourself in 3 words
All shook up.
9.mountain or sea/ocean?
Both. If you’re holding a gun to my head, sea. Now put the gun away thanks.
10.what you do to relax?
11.favorite scent/perfume?
Er … can I just say citrus and the sea please?


You too can feel like a star, simply by answering the questions on your own blog. This award is awarded for award whining winning work in the field of peaceful, musical science and extreme crochet.

Should Have Been Fine With OK

I hate my bipolar moods, they are always so annoying. Even the positive ones can be a pain in the ass sometimes. I’m not taking the lithium anymore, day 3 waking up grumpy. My shrink said to go down to half of 300 if it started affecting my mood but I think I’ll just go with the increasing of the Latuda plan.

Why I hate my moods

Right now I am post manic, which means everything is fucking miserable and I’m on the edge. I could seriously hurt someone or myself when I’m like this, even the smallest thing could cause me to fucking lose it. I wish someone could feel how painful everything is right now. Even my joy over the house is deadened and it just feel like more of a pain to wait. The joy has been sucked out of my life. Even sometimes I think death would be better than this. I fight though.

I was ok. Why I couldn’t I be satisfied with that? IT was sparkling or joyful but it didn’t hurt and I wasn’t having a ton of negative thoughts running through my head. When everything is ok at least life is tolerable.

When I was happy, I kept waiting for the bad moods to come. Instead of enjoying each moment. Instead of sucking in all the happy and going with the flow I just looked around every corner for the negative.

I look forward to my hypo-manic where everything is wonderful and there are rainbows and puppies. Nothing can get past my glorious armor of joy! I can write and I can draw and I sing and am happy and am funny and smart and pretty. These don’t happen often enough and I usually end up in a ton of trouble.

When I’m depressed it is almost impossible to get out of bed. I cry over everything and I don’t want to be alive anymore. I don’t want anything to do with anyone (except hubby). I don’t clean myself or brush my hair. I wear the same set of pj’s day in and day out. Everything is hopeless. These have been the longest lasting emotion but has been gone for a little bit.

I wonder what this post mania will turn into. Either way waking up tomorrow in any mood but this is preferable. I’ll take ok. I’ll try to be better to it this time.

The Heartbreak of Dementia

Laura P. Schulman, MD, MA:

I am such a mess these days. Suddenly the waves of grief roll over me. They knock me down and I feel like I am drowning in tears. I can’t even write, but it seems that other people are feeling the same, so I will pass their beautiful pieces on to you. I hope you’ll be patient with me while I try to keep my balance in these deep waters. Dad only left his body on October 2nd, 2014, so I need to cut myself some slack while these waves wash over me. Blessings to all of my wonderful readers, may you have the strength you need to navigate your own dark days, and may bright days light your way so you can find your way back.

Originally posted on Before Sundown:


by C.E.Robinson

This small woman grips the worn strap of a large black purse tucked at her side, and leans forward in the rocking chair.

Her gnarled fingers trace tiny rose petals in her skirt as if to find a path back to her life; the aging face of her daughter, her husband’s death, her 90th birthday party, her flower shop.

She sits in the same spot every day, near the entrance door, waiting for husband and daughter to take her home. The daily vigil stops when I call her name,

Ida Mae, let’s go back to your room and look at the photos of John and Olivia, and one we took last week with all the nursing staff at your ninetieth birthday party.

I visit often, hold her hand and tell her “back when I was a little girl” stories, she told me over the years. Triggering a…

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Lost It…..

Originally posted on lily pups life:

It’s happening again. I lost it.My meds got changed and I have lost my sense of memory and focus. A bipolar friend of mine is spell-checking and editing this so it makes good sense.

I love being in this in-between world. I load up the slow cooker for dinner, but forget some ingredients and to turn it on.lostI decide to listen to my audiobook by John Grisham and that is a mess. I try to do my devotionals and just can’t stick with it.

I don’t dare drive. So I am a little homebound unless my husband takes me. Which is fine. I like the couch okay. I have a dog snoring here as we speak. I am sorry that every sentence in this post starts with “I”.

Church didn’t happen yesterday. I stayed home and watched two football games of teams I didn’t even care about. Today is…

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