Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

And More of the Same

I’m still feeling all non-energetic and quiet and still. It doesn’t make for great writing and sharing fodder, alas. I might just have to see if I can find some prompts to help jog my brain into generating material… maybe I’ll poke around tomorrow and see what I can find, if I have the time.


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Scumbag Brain

Allow me to introduce you to a current Reddit meme: Scumbag Brain (blank version.)


This meme generally entails when your brain does stupid shit, like how you can remember Shakespeare plays word for word but have to sing the alphabet to remember what letter comes next.

I think this is an excellent use of the meme, bipolar disorder.

Because for the last 36 hours, my mood has been (was anyway) almost manic up.

This evening, it crashed.

No reason. Just did.

My brain is a scumbag because it gives me these all to brief glimpses into what normalcy and happiness must be like…only to kick me back down into the mood swing gutter. Rinse, lather, repeat.

I had this whole evening of collage art and writing planned out. I was going to create and feel alive and make the day count for something other than me running around like a chicken with its head cut off to the point of having a world-is-spinning mammoth panic episode in the middle of traffic.

But nooo.

Scumbag brain has spoken. No segue, no trigger. Just up..and crash, crash, burn.

Fuck you, scumbag brain. Seriously. FUCKEST THOU.

I hate you so much sometimes, I wish you’d die in a fire.